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Maintenance & Repair
Concord Aviation Services Maintenance

Other line services not listed here are billed at $29/hour per employee required.

Note: Prices subject to change at the discretion of management. The pricing listed here is for information purposes only.
Please contact Concord Aviation Services management directly at 603-228-2267 to verify current rates.

Maintenance & Repair Rate
Labor $65/Hour
E-mail Dick Meyers or call 603-229-1769  
Engine Pre-Heat
Single $30
Twin $55
Pre-heat in Hangar (See Overnight Hangar Fees)  
Battery Start $25
GPU (minimum charge 1 hour) $50/Hour
After Hours Callout fee $50/hour
Hangar Storage

Concord Aviation Services maintains over 20,000 sq. ft of heated community hanger space that can accommodate tail heights up to 18'. Hanger customers receive "Pull-Out" and "Put Away" service. There is availability for short term, month-to-month and yearly agreements. Pricing varies by aircraft and length of stay.

In addition to hanger space, Concord Aviation Service offers tie-downs, office space and a conference room. For price quotes and availability, please email David Rolla or call 603-228-2267.

Tie-Down Space is available daily, monthly and yearly, with pricing based on aircraft and length of stay.

Cleaning & Detailing

Concord Aviation line services offers skilled washing, belly degreasing, waxing and interior detailing of your aircraft.

Protect your investment from the weather!

Stop by for a free estimate of costs.

Fuel & Oil

Check our current fuel prices listed at AirNav.

Please call (603) 228-2267 for current oil prices.


Shell 100LL Self Service
Shell 100LL Full Service
Shell JET-A Full Service

AeroShell Oil

 W 100,W 80, W 65
 100 Min, 80 Min, 65 Min
 Phillips, Exxon Oil
 20W50 Min

Tel: (603) 228-2267
Fax: (603) 228-2268
E-mail: CAS @